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Whenever September rolls around I always get excited about 2 things – fall sailing and attending the World Business Forum at Radio City in New York. For the past two years I have been going and listening to leaders such as Malcolm Gladwell, Clayton Christensen, Rudy Guliani, Chris Anderson and Jack Welch to name a few.

Because of this many of them have appeared on my blog either in summary format or in a live podcast (I never pass up the chance to chase one of these guys down for a quick chat).

This year I am going to do it again but I will be Moblogging and Microblogging right there from the site. I find ideas hit me as I listen to each speaker and I want to get these out to you as fast as possible.

This year the HSM team that runs the World Business Forum is mixing it up a bit with more social media aspects of the program. For example they started a LinkedIn group and asked a question of the members on:

Which CEO and/or company represents authentic leadership to you and why?

I was lucky enough to jump of the band wagon early with my response but as of this moment there are nearly 900 responses to this single question! Bill George, Professor at Harvard (his website is started the ball rolling and kudos to the team of Becky Gee and George Levy who are making it hum.

If you are going to the World Business Forum please let me know and lets hook up.

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