Buzz Highlights from this week …

The ROI of Communities
Maggie Fox digs in to find an ROI on Communities using SAP’s Developer Network as her example.
(tags: Communities)

Nokia’s N95 vs. Apple’s iPhone
From the sound of it the NEW Nokia N95 has it all – just when you thought the iPhone was the best. Check out how Nokia has taken the iPhone to the next level!
(tags: iphone, Nokia)

Nominate your favorite marketing blog!
Vote for my blog (assuming you like it) as well as any other Marketing Blogs in the Direct Connections blog contest!
(tags: Blogging, Blogs)

Web 3.0? – the official definition

Jason Calacanis appears to be defining the next gen of Web 2.0 – for me Web 1.0 was about content, Web 2.0 is about interactivity and therefore Web 3.0 will be all about applications.
(tags: Web 3.0)

What’s propelling the real adoption of social networks and communities?
Mukund Mohan takes apart social networks and communities to find what makes them tick – personally I think it’s the fear of being left behind is fueling marketers interest!
(tags: Communities, Social Networks)

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