Buzz Highlights from this week …

41 Common Blogging Mistakes
Here is a great list of common blogging mistakes – a good review for anyone with a blog
(tags: Blogs, Blogosphere, Blogging)

Another take on the social media press release
Maggie Fox has published another example of a Social Media Press Release (SMPR) this one with Ford – and its worth a look!
(tags: Social Media, PR, SMPR)

The Future of the Press Release
Brian Solis shows his vision for the Future of the Press Release – I agree the press release needs to evolve to more of a new media vehicle(tags: Press Release)

How to Use YouTube to Generate Leads
Great post from MarketingSherpa on this topic which suggests the use of YouTube more like a single delivery channel for all your video
(tags: Video)

Linking Abuse Or Linking Awareness
Andy Beard sets the record straight for how to use links – sometime link love is more like link abuse
(tags: Linking)

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