Buzz Highlights from this week …

Cool idea – not sure B2B buyers will like this as much as B2C buyers
(tags: advertising)

The Devaluation of Traffic
Steve Rubel discusses the changing economics behind traffic on the web – will this be an issue for advertisers in the future?
(tags: online advertising)

OutTwit Your Friends from Microsoft Outlook
I dont know why but I like this idea of integrating Twitter with your Outlook – I will give it a try but its bound to have non fans
(tags: Twitter)

10 Truths of Marketing in a Web2.0 World
a sneak peak at a cool preso that Rohit Bahargava gave at eMarketing Summit
(tags: web2.0)

The many Challenges of Writing a CEO blog
Jerimah outlines the many challenges of a CEO blogging and the necessary evils to keeping it going
(tags: Blogging, Blogs)

Why is your Technorati authority and ranking falling?

No single answer here – Mack goes into a theory about how our media diet is changing which I think it is but I can say that is changing technorati – I thought it was some sort of change to their formula
(tags: Technorati, Blogging)

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  • Ryan

    Interesting Read. I also came across a very interesting buzz marketing tutorial online. it’s available for everyone and the formatting is quite easy to read. I personally think that buzz marketing and guerilla marketing are fascinating.

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