Buzz Marketing highlights from this week …

The New World of Immersive Games
The new edge of how to use the web and all web 2.0 tactics for marketing. Simply the best article I have ever read on where things are headed, period. A MUST READ!
(tags: Alternative Reality Games)

Social Media – This Has Got to Stop

Amen Lena – I think we are all getting burnt out on more social networks and twittering. Shouldn’t we be out there talking to clients?
(tags: Social Media)

Email Blows Away All Other Social Networks

OMG! Max is totally right – Social Networks would be no where without email – and you never could network over to someone else (say using LinkedIn) without it. Good call Max!
(tags: email)

Imeem: A Distributed Music Powerhouse?

This is an interesting service and cool model for other services. “I think other UGC sites should take note of this model. Use a central hub to provide community tools, monetize, and aggregate content. Use widgets and apps to push that content out in syndicated manner.
(tag: widget)

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