Buzz Marketing highlights from this week …

How Many Are You Reaching and Who Are They? | Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog
A very thought-provoking piece by Roy Young of MarketingProfs. He makes a good point about reaching the “right” or influential reader.
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Trayvertising by Being Peter Kim: Trayvertising
I love this idea – I have waiting to see this in real life – special thanks to Peter Kim for hunting this down
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When blogging is NOT your full time job?! « Marketing Nirvana by Mario Sundar
Mario is back with a focus on some great content – this post relates to those of us who do this as a passion as well as our previously unspoken blogger credo
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comScore Report Shows Global Growth of Social Networks
In the last few weeks Social Networks have really picked up momentum – I don’t know if it is just the summer time or the tipping point – but it pays to be up on the latest!
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Web 2.0 Bubble May Be Worst Burst Yet
Doom and Gloom I dont think so – the good part of Web 2.0 is the ROI and connection to customer that Web 1.0 lacked – and oh yeah that business model thing too
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Marketing on the Verge: The Future of Marketing???
Megan is doing a great job filling in for Rob Leavitt who started this blog so if you haven’t checked this blog out please do
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