Buzz Marketing highlights from this week …

How Madison Avenue Is Wasting Millions on a Deserted Second Life
I hate to say I told you so but …
Second Life, web2.0 community

How To Track RSS Subscriptions Using Google Analytics | Andy Beard – Niche Marketing
Must read from Andy Beard on understanding RSS subscriber behavior by using Google analytics

RSS versus Email: A Marketing View | The Marketing Technology Blog
Great discussion on when to use RSS versus email by Douglas Karr
RSS, email,

Spock’s Social Search Engine — Search Engine — InformationWeek
Interesting twist on filling in the gaps in the Google foundation
search engine

Our Facebook Marketing Campaign Yields Exceptional ROI
Superb ROI using Facebook – everyone should be thinking about how Facebook can be added as a social network aspect to each campaign
social Networking

Will I be fired if I blog? And you just told me corporate blogs were safe? « Marketing Nirvana by Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar covers the topic very well – a must read for anyone considering launching a blog
Blogging, web 2.0

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