Buzz Marketing highlights from this week …

What the Web Strategist should know about Facebook
Master Web Strategist Jeremiah Owyang examines what web marketers need to know about Facebook and how to make it work for them
(tags: Facebook, Web2.0, Buzz Marketing)

Web users reading more, saying less, study says
I think this is spot on – the amount of new media on top of the old media is potentially causing an information management issue – how can you keep up with it all?
(tags: web2.0, Blogs, social media, Buzz Marketing)

The battle of the red cross
Jonathan Paisner of CoreBrand deep dives on the Red Cross vs J&J licensing issue – I would call this issue more of a Buzz Kill than Buzz Marketing
(tags: Buzz Marketing)

Why we are all blogging less…
Shel links over to the funniest visual representation of why we are all blogging less
(tags: Blogging, Blogosphere, Blogs)

How blogging spawns business
Good article on how to use blogging for business
(tags: Blogs, Blogosphere, Blogging)

Web 2.0 List Of Web 2.0 Application Links
It is the mother of all Web 2.0 Applications lists
(tags: web2.0)

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