Buzz Marketing highlights from this week …

Vespa Go Green Video Challenge
Vespa is doing a great job with viral / buzz marketing around their scooters. In NYC I got a free parking for life coupon at selected locations in the city – if I bought a new scooter
(tags: advertising, Viral Marketing, Buzz Marketing)

The ROI of Website Redesigns per Forrester
Tom Pick boils down the ROI of Web Redesigns by Forrester
(tags: Web Design, ROI)

Web 2.0 & Social Computing explained
Thanks to Common Craft for the clear explanation of Web 2.0 and Social Computing (and of course Charline Li for pointing it out)
(tags: web2.0, Social Computing, Buzz Marketing)

BuzzFeed: What’s Buzzing On The Web
Frank Gruber examines BuzzFeed for finding the Buzz online fast, helpful for B2C Buzz Marketing
(tags: Buzz, Buzz Marketing, BuzzFeed)

Use PR (Press Releases) to Increase your PR (Page Rank)
Important ideas on how to increase your page rank with the use of press releases
(tags: Page Rank, PR, Buzz Marketing)

101 Essential Blogging Resources
A full list of blogging services that can benefit the experienced as well as the novice blogger
(tags: Blogging, Blogs, Blog)

Facebook rules for the rest of us
Some great rules to use when using Facebook
(tags: Social Networking, Networks)

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