Buzz Marketing highlights from this week …

How NOT to pitch a blog
PR and Blogging dont necessarily go hand and hand – Lee Odden makes some suggestions to PR professionals on how to pitch a blog correctly
(tags: Blogging, Blogs)

10 Tips for Keeping Your Blog Fresh
Lewis Green gives some great tips to bloggers of all ages – whether you are a beginner to expert its worth a read
(tags: Blogging, Blogs)

Where do People Click on a Blog?
Douglas Karr makes some great observations on where blog visitors generally click – some of the areas may surprise you
(tags: Blogging, Blogs)

How to make a PowerPoint chart
Seth Godin does it again with a great visual lesson on how to make a good powerpoint slide – something all marketers should know
(tags: Powerpoint, Seth Godin)

Will The Last Corporation Leaving Second Life Please Turn Off The Lights?
Great estimation of an ROI Calculation on Second Life in this article – glad I was never convinced of Second Life as a marketing platform
(tags: Second Life, Virtual Communities)

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