Buzz Marketing Highlights of the week …

Google Reputation Management Disaster With Open Social
Google the Reputation Management system of the modern day – had its own trouble this week with reputation management with Open Social – don’t worry it didn’t effect the stock price!
(tags: reputation)

Ten Ways to Avoid a Google Reputation Management Nightmare
Good bunch of ideas from Andy Beal on Reputation Management which is becoming critical now for everyone to monitor
(tags: reputation)

How to Market Yourself & Your Company on Facebook

Lots of good ideas on how to market yourself and a few on how to market a company, which is the area that many of us are beginning to think about
(tags: Facebook)

We Didn’t Start The Fire
Great video!! – very viral apparently this guy got 5 Million hits to it – so make that 5 million and 1
(tags: Videocasts, Viral)

Wikis for Market Research?

I like this idea – and HP is putting it to the test with a printing community wiki with Wetpaint. Steady as she goes captain!
(tags: Wiki, Wikis)

P-Diddy Marketing

the Man after my nickname PDitty and his latest non profit marketing plan
(tags: Marketing)

2 comments to Buzz Marketing Highlights of the week …

  • Jonathan Moody

    Dear Paul

    Thanks for the interesting article in Brandweek – particularly the insights about how to react to potentially damaging content.

    I’d like to make a couple of points / questions:

    – Do you think the same strategies would work for organizations protecting themselves, their brands, products, services and even their peope?

    – So much of the focus on online social media content seems to be that it is all negative. You suggest building your online reputation before you
    need it and that is a good idea. However, I would also advocate searching and leveraging positive content about yourself online, particularly if it is
    from credible third parties (i.e. you didn’t get your mom or best friend to write it).

    Searching for yourself online is fairly easy and not too time consuming. Finding all content on companies brands etc is a much more diffcult
    task and really requires professional help to locate, analyze and help interpret. You need to perceive before you can protect, particpate and project.

    The Interactive Marketing Research Association will soon be publishing a paper I have written on the subject:

    I am looking forward to reading more of your articles and posts.

    Kind regards

    Jon Moody
    Market Engineering
    skype: jmoody-asomo

    ASOMO Service

  • Markus

    A great compilation. Keep up the excellent work!

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