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Is Podcasting Dead?
No way – if fact I am hearing about more marketers considering podcasting in 2008 than any year before – why they realize it is part of an integrated marketing strategy not a stand alone tactic
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Social Media Spending Goes Up – Why Wait for ROI?
Prospero’s 2007 Social Media Survey found 30 percent of online marketers who use social media plan to spend significantly more on social-media applications in 2008! Рwell thats great news
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Has the Web 2.0 Hype Cycle Kicked In?

Great article by Jim Nail former Forrester research analyst who questions the growth of Conversational Marketing vs Interactive Marketing. Conversational Marketing is an essential element of Web 2.0 but will it outpace Interactive Marketing’s growth?
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CSI: Comes To Second Life
Here is the long awaited cross over of TV into Second Life – ever since I encountered Second Life I believed there would be TV shows that would “open source” their show to the World Wide audience of Second Life. Could you imagine Sopranos in Second Life.
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The Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone in Business Should Blog
Nancy raises some good points – I still don’t believe that blogging is for everyone since it is a labor of love – but its worth checking out her reasons
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