Buzz Marketing picks of the week …

Are Social Networks Replacing Email?
Great stats from Hitwise on the rise of Social Networks beating email in the UK. The killer ap here is to embed gmail, yahoo, hotmail into Facebook and have no need to go anywhere else
(tags: Facebook, email)

Ad Money flowing to blogs
I was very impressed with the number of ways/vendors at BlogWorldExpo that can help you monetize your blog – perhaps I missed the memo that allowed this to be ok – I thought we were blogging because of our passion for a topic, but i digress
(tags: Advertising, Blogs)

Roll-Your-Own with WidgetBox’s Blidget
Great little widget ap that makes any blog into a widget
(tags: widget)

10 Cool Ways to Use Paypal
It is more about how you can use paypal rather than 10 cool places to spend your paypal cash but it is very interesting how they are expanding the use of cybercash
(tags: banking)

Twitter Hasn’t Made a Dime but Twitterrific Is Making Bank
Follow the money trail here – Twitteriffic has the edge for now at least
(tags: Twitter)

Advertising is going to be key in Facebook much like Google’s AdSense has been a big revenue driver for them
(tags: Facebook)

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