Buzz Marketing picks of the week …

Facebook, a Marketer’s Friend
Great article – the use of Facebook for PR / Events as well as the viral nature of the mini feed is where it is at!
(tags: Facebook)

Why the Future of Online Advertising Is About Identity

Rohit makes a great point from an individual standpoint but also from a corporate brand standpoint. The better the corporate identity(brand) the more likely they will have a strong community online
(tags: Online advertising)

The Four Tenets of the Community Manager

For those of you who want to be a Community Manager – this is a must read – excellent blend of community+brand+communications
(tags: Communities)

Clearspring to Serve Widgets as Ads
Very cool idea – using widgets as ads and providing the ad tracking – Google will come a knocking for this one!
(tags: widget)

7 Ideas For Social Media And Business
Patrick Schaber does a great job looking at the softer side of Social Media – If you cant get a true ROI calculated you need to at least be thinking about these 7 ideas
(tags: Social Media)

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