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If you’re like me, many of you out there have had your fill of social networks this year. MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, OpenSocial, Gorooze, the list goes on and on. Well I say enough is enough already. In fact, I heard this acronym at BlogWorldExpo – YASN – Yet Another Social Network.

According to data on Alexa:
• 1/3 of all Web visitors in August 07 visited MySpace
• 1/7 of all Web visitors in August 07 visited Facebook
• 5 of the top 10 sites in the world are all Web 2.0 sites
• ½ of the top 30 sites are all social networking sites

Powerful data and powerful growth by these sites point to their diversity, and only you will know which ones would be the best fit for you personally and your brand. But I would like to suggest you adopt a strategy solely for Facebook:

1) Why Facebook?

  • With 60 million users year to date in 2007, and 50% of which return daily, this one should be tops on your list!

2) Make your Facebook profile a source for quality content

  • Sure, throwing sheep and poking people is fun, but why not add value to the conversation by posting quality content? (Small side note – if you read the fine print, Facebook owns all content you create on the Facebook site)

3) Use Facebook as a clearinghouse for everything you are doing online for your “community” by filtering content you find on the Web. To do that:

  • add the Twitter application – so others can see what you are doing
  • add the application – so others can see what you are tagging
  • add StumbleUpon – so others can see what you are finding interesting
  • add zuPort for YouTube – so others can see what videos you posted

4) Start a group on Facebook – either for an area of interest or for your brand

  • The Seinfeld group started with just 10 members, but by the very next day it was up to 2000 members!

In general, you need to think of these social networks as a way of people interacting with your own brand. So leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs back to your brand by using widgets from other applications to dress up your Facebook profile!

7 comments to Get a Facebook Strategy

  • Glenn Gow


    I see an opportunity for consumer-focused companies on social networking sites. I agree with your points about why this is important and the “breadcrumb” concept.

    To make this work for B2B companies, the social networks need to evolve to where people with similar business concerns are interested (and willing) to share those business concerns in a public forum.

    These will evolve, but I’m not sure I see it happening anytime soon on MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn. What I’m looking forward to seeing is the evolution of social networks that are B2B oriented.

    What are the ones you are seeing?

  • Paul Dunay


    I really like your point about engendering an atmosphere that will allow B2B companies and their buyers to share concerns openly in a public forum. Technically they already do in things like surveys and online surveys but I see your point on the transparency of social networks.

    The answer could be B2B specific social networks or even private branded social networks (see Oracle network announcement from OracleWorld today!)

    But I do think you might even want to consider a brand page in Facebook so no cybersquatter takes it from you. Even if you put very little to nothing out there. Its better to own it than not own it.


  • Tom Humbarger

    Paul – thanks for the post and ideas for getting more out of Facebook. I’m the community manager for an online community called Catalzye. As a way to expand the community’s reach and brand, I also created a Facebook group where I cross-link blog posts and other content. So far, almost 10% of the online community has joined the Facebook group. I see the Facebook group as an alternative channel for the community and a way to make the community ‘stickier’.

    Tom Humbarger
    Catalyze Community Manager

  • Paul Dunay

    Totally agree Tom

    and not just sticker – but also a great way to spread the word virally


  • bernbay

    I am very bullish on Facebook for B2B marketers. I just gave a talk to 120 CEOs in Tampa and I talked up Facebook. Until industry specific or audience specific social networks turn up (like Facebook is best positioned with features like Groups and Networks. If Facebook allows advertisers to get very targeted, we’ll see the B2B market jump on the bandwagon. I’ve started a group in Facebook for B2B web marketing. Check it out: It’s been slow going but I’m optimistic it will grow as more B2B marketers get exposed to Facebook’s robust social networking environment.

    Bernie Borges

  • Paul Dunay


    Thanks for taking the initiative to start a B2B Marketer area on Facebook. Great Idea.

    I will be joining it and hopefully some of my readers will too

  • Anonymous

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