Herd of Blog Tipping??

In a recent interview with Douglas Karr over at The Marketing Technology Blog, he told me about the blog tipping program he has going on.

Doug tells his readers that whoever posts this – Get your Blogging Tips from Douglas Karr at The Marketing Technology Blog on their blog, and then leaves a note in the comments to tell him where it’s posted, gets a quick little blog review on his site.

Ok, I’m sold!

And here’s why I’m sold. Douglas Karr has a lot of great advice for bloggers and online marketers of technology. I’ve had his blog’s RSS feed in my Google Reader for a few months now. He also shares links to great reads that he’s come across. When he finds the time to do this I will never know!!

Don’t miss my upcoming podcast with Doug in which he shares many of his secrets on how to successfully build a blog following quickly and easily.

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