How to Measure Engagement, a podcast with Jim Sterne

It’s becoming clear to me that Web 1.0 statistics won’t work in a Web 2.0 world. Measuring “engagement” is rapidly becoming the new “black” in Web stats.

But there is no single button that gives you a clear picture of engagement. Or is there??

Engagement tends to be a much broader endeavor than marketers have had to face in the past. It reflects the need to orchestrate various media channels to capture the most precious of all commodities these days: People’s time!

After reading an article in B2B magazine entitled “How much do you really love me?” I decided to conduct an interview with the author, Jim Sterne. I asked him how to measure engagement, and some of his answers may surprise you! Enjoy …

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About Jim

Jim Sterne is an international speaker on electronic marketing and customer interaction. A consultant to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs, Sterne focuses his 25 years in sales and marketing on measuring the value of the Internet as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships. Sterne has written six books on Internet advertising, marketing and customer service including, “Web Metrics; Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success.” Sterne is the producer of the annual Emetrics Summit and is the Founding President of the Web Analytics Association. He was named one of the 50 most influential people in digital marketing by Revolution, the United Kingdom’s premier interactive marketing magazine

3 comments to How to Measure Engagement, a podcast with Jim Sterne

  • Susan

    Jim is a great interview. I also had him on my podcast, “DishyMix,” last December.

    Susan Bratton interviews Jim Sterne, Target Marketing of Santa Barbara

    Hear Jim’s step-by-step process for getting the book you want to write out of your head and onto bookshelves. Get the single most important tip for being the best public speaker ever. Jim tells you why customer centricity and clearly defined goals are paramount in today’s digital world.

    DishyMix is now at Personal Life Media and more great shows can be heard at:

  • andrew

    Great interview. Not coincidentally, Nielsen/NetRatings just replaced their rankings based on page views with how long users actually stay at websites. To Jim’s point, online video and new technologies such as Ajax increasingly make page views less meaningful. However, time spent on each website is not a realistic or effective yardstick to measure online popularity, so this new metric is equally problematic.

    Measuring engagement will certainly be more challenging moving forward, but this is all a shot in the arm for user experience (to paraphrase the Clinton-era quote, “It’s the user, stupid.”). True engagement reflects a relationship with the brand, which manifests itself in ever more nuanced and impactful ways, from user-generated content to blogging relationships. Yes, metrics are critical yardsticks, but long-term success for digital brands and Web properties will always come to those with the most engaging user experience.

  • Betta

    While I think Jim makes some great points, I would like to expand the definition of “engagement” beyond the shopping cart, because not all of us manage ecommerce websites. For instance, on my government website, I measure the number of new subscribers to various publications; the number of new RSS subscriptions; the number of people who register for events online; and a host of other things that I know demonstrate a genuine interest on the customer’s part. Even those who download documents or click through a whole process such as our business licensing system. All of that I think demonstrates engagement. At home, I spend a lot of time on the Food Network and Epicurious websites. I search for different recipes, save them to my personal recipe box on their sites, print them, watch how-to videos, subscribe to newsletters. I couldn’t be more “engaged” in their sites. Just listening to this podcast interview on the Buzz blog is engagement, and you can measure whether I listened to the whole thing. So while I agree that filling up a shopping cart and checking out is the holy grail of engagement in the ecommerce world, I would caution us all not to think that’s the only way to measure engagement. And, it’s noteworthy to mention that it was an Emetrics Summit that helped me to get out of my own box when it comes to thinking about engagement. If you haven’t been, GO! It’s a great experience.

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