An Innovative Idea for using a Blog

At the recent MarketingProf’s conference I encountered an innovative idea for using a blog. I just haven’t been able to get it out of my mind, so I wanted to share it with you …

A panel run by David Armano on Social Media in a B2B world had a panelist from Leopardo Construction, Todd Andrilik. Todd, who’s the company’s director of marketing and PR, is using a wordpress blog as a newsroom .

I think this is really quite clever since, like a blog, press items are normally viewed in reverse chronological order. Therefore, they are a perfect adaptation for a blog. But he didn’t stop there. He added RSS (naturally), and built-in Search, Archives by Month, Categories (tags), Sharing and Bookmarking (like, Suggested Reading (which was a plugin) and some YouTube video links embedded into the blog. However, no comments – which I think is ok.

So a big shout out to Todd for implementing this. I think it is very innovative, and I was impressed by the idea. It’s one I wish I’d thought of!

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  • S. Kumar, Web 2.0 Marketing Tools


    Very innovative & Intelligent.

    I wonder how every expert missed on such a simple but valuable idea.

    Courteously — S. Kumar

  • Clayton Bell

    Just for insights’ sake, is this alone the same lines?

  • Paul Dunay

    Yes Clayton – good spy

    My only add would be the example I gave you made better use of the social media and was tricked out a bit more with related postings and YouTube videos.

    But this site is on its way!

    thanks for sharing

  • juegos

    Good news

    Thank you for informations.

    I hope everybody read this article.

  • Todd Andrlik

    Wow, thanks for the plug, Paul. Glad you enjoyed the panel discussion.

    We’re equally excited about the potential of using a blog engine for our news room here at Leopardo.

    Leopardo has expertise in multiple markets (i.e., healthcare, retail, office, aviation, condo, etc.), so the built-in tagging /categorizing function of the blog has been a great value to us.

    And with a world of widgets and plugins available for easy add-on, the blog is a beautiful content management tool. I’m definitely a big fan of the suggested reading widget. We’re also exploring survey plugins for quick research.

    Thanks again for the mention. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work.

  • jeindus

    Many businesses are using social network to advertise and get closer to their customers by making their own social network page.
    I thought that was very clever and intelligent. A totally new way of approaching customers. Do you think using blog as a newsroom is another new way of approaching customers for businesses?

  • Paul Dunay

    jeindus – I dont think there is a direct business impact piece to this. I think its more about gaining a better understanding of the given company, its business, its focus, and its ambitions.

    I dont think you would run / use this as a lead generator directly


  • Joan Damico

    That’s brilliant. I’m wondering if it has greater impact on SEO than say the typical “press” area on a website. Thanks for another good post, Paul.


  • Anita Campbell

    This is a creative idea, although it is actually not uncommon. I know at least a half dozen other companies that have been doing the same thing using blogs for their newsroom section — some for 2 or 3 years now. Some of them run two blogs — one used as a blog and one used as a newsroom.

    In fact, one of the free press release sites looks like it is built on a WordPress platform, and it displays new releases similarly to a blog layout.

    Anything you can do with a blog, I suspect it’s been done.

  • Sherrick

    Hey Paul,

    Good stuff.

    I thought you might be interested in how we used blogs at our recent iRise Fusion 07 User Conference, then posted the content using audio, video, etc.

    The response to sharing the content from the conference has been tremendous.

    David Spark help set this up for us and started the blogging from the conference:


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