iPhone competition playing dead?

Newswireless.net claims that AT&T has activated 600,000 iPhones, and as a result believes that Apple will hit one million iPhone sales. So you would expect the marketing departments of the iPhone competitors to be cranking up the volume on their products to neutralize some of the iPhone frenzy. So let’s take a look at what these marketers are doing, shall we …

At T-Mobile, they don’t seem to have a competitive product (despite the long warning from Steve Jobs). What they do have is some catchy slogans: “Phones you love. Plans you want. Free shipping on all phones!”

At Sprint, they ask if you want to experience life at SprintSpeed™ and have an exclusive product called the Upstage™ by Samsung in a cool red color.

Motorola has the MOTOROKR 26™, which seems to be targeted to the 18-to-35-year-old-music-loving-men segment. With clean lines and an appealing silhouette, MOTOROKR Z6™ slider is true Motorola high fashion!

The Samsung Black Carbon™ is part of Samsung’s Ultra Edition line, and for good reason. It’s ultra thin, ultra powerful and ultra cool. There’s a lot of good stuff packed into this beautifully sculpted, stylish slim slider, including global GSM quad-band flexibility.

LG has the Born to Shine™, which is a shiny mirrored finished metal body phone. “The moment you place “Shine” on a table, you will notice how the attractive features of this phone catch the attention of those close by. This is a natural human reaction to all things that shine. Its design was inspired by the luxurious shine of metal, creating a simple yet chic look and feel that will undoubtedly make you and your phone stand out from the crowd.” Wow!

Nokia is the only one that I saw, thanks to Giga OM’s blog, that has a competitive product. It’s the Nokia N800, which supports Skype, has an Adobe Flash browser plug-in for watching videos on the go and supports up to 8GB memory cards. Well, those are three things Apple’s iPhone can’t do!

Where’s the buzz? I am not sure. Frankly, I would have expected a much more aggressive assault on the iPhone given all the warning and flawless drop date by Apple. But I guess I am just way too competitive!

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