Is Twitter a Critical Part of your Resume?

The short answer is – YES!

In a recent article in the NY Times called Tweeting Your Way to a Job. They talk a lot about people who have found a new job Tweeting for an employer. Social Media roles are opening up in many firms and the Twitterati that have a combination of public relations, analyst relations and even customer relations are snapping them up. But what about those people that are interviewing for a job?

I think it is equally as important for those that are job hunting to be Twittering. Not just for job leads but for the differentiation. What better way for prospective employers to get a sense of the way you think and your unique point of view. And what better way to distinguish yourself amongst a short list of potential hires than to have a strong following on Twitter because of a unique point of view.

I feel that building your network personally is one of the best things you can do for yourself because I believe in the next few years your social graph (those that follow you and those that you follow) not only on Twitter but on Facebook and LinkedIn will be used very differently than you use it today.

Remember we are still in the early years of Social Media and everything from a simple search to something more complex like job hunting will change as we start to leverage the social graph more and more. So don’t forget to build your network now before you need it!

8 comments to Is Twitter a Critical Part of your Resume?

  • Tracey

    I was hesitant to start tweeting at first, because I thought it would be difficult to think of things to tweet, I would be boring, and it could be a time suck. But after doing it for several months, I have to say that my fears were unfounded – it's a lot easier than I thought and very quick and simple.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Tracey – Bravo! Thanks for sharing your story

  • Edward Dizzys


    Thanks for sharing.

  • marketing china

    I am not sure that twitter is so important. But it is maybe only for my country France.

    Good continuation anyway.

  • Kelly Giles

    I couldn't agree more! I found my job as a social media strategist though Twitter. It's a great place to build credibility and prove your expertise to potential employers. It's also a great place to explore careers. At this point, getting your job through Twitter is the exception rather than the rule, but if you tweet interesting, thought-provoking things, it can only help your job search.

    Kelly Giles
    Social Media Strategist

  • dcelistan

    I believe there are areas where using twitter is a huge benefit. However, those areas are small and growing.
    Net, I don't think being involved in twitter will hurt, the amount it helps depends on the industry and roles you are pursuing.

  • csalomonlee

    Paul, I think Twitter is another networking outlet that one can use for finding a job. Should it be a requirement? It depends on the job you're looking for. If you're seeking a job in social media/marketing/communications, etc. then yes it would be a necessity to demonstrate some understanding of Twitter as this will most likely be asked in your interview.

    Personally, when I was looking for a job earlier this year, I used my blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and email to get the word out. It was through a Twitter contact that connected me with my current position. In the end, it's about networking to increase your chances of creating opportunities.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ CeCe – great story thanks for commenting

    The only thing I would add is as a marketer – you should be on and using Twitter as almost a "work sample" of how you think and can market yourself

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