Is Twitter the Next Channel for Contact Centers?

If you have never seen this web page – you should! With legions of Twitter-ers on staff – 432 to be exact – Zappos make customer service look: easy, decentralized, and inexpensive. But that begs the question – what impact will Twitter have on today’s customer contact centers?

History would tell us that just like the days when ATM’s were first being rolled out and people were declaring that the bank teller was soon to be extinct, that this never really materialized fully. In fact quite the opposite was true – banks ended up building more physical locations and support both channels! Channels yield choices!

So does that mean for every new channel that gets launched we need a separate grouping of customer service reps to handle it in our Contact Centers? Maybe not – but a certainly a portion of Contact Center experts can and should be trained in responding real time with Twitter.

Progressive companies are learning to integrate social interaction technologies to monitor brands today in real-time. It’s quite early in it’s use, but social technologies will continue to drive their way into brand management over the next 2 years and become a core part of companies overall strategy when it comes to Contact Centers. At least successful ones for sure!

Twitter will be another feed along with IM and Email into a Contact Center (support questions may even be crowdsourced by non-CC employees) and will be one more channel that agents will have to deal with. Much like chat and SMS the era of communications becoming more and more synchronous is upon us. And the race is on for how fast you can respond to your customers needs.

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