Make Money with Podcasting

The debate over how to make money with podcasts began shortly after they were rolled out. At first, the natural inclination was to do pre-roll or post-roll ads on podcasts – much like existing media such as TV and radio.

But some very successful companies have ignored this strategy. They have developed their own business model that has allowed them to earn money from their passion.

Here are 9 ways to make money from podcasting:

  • Become a podcast consultant – Why not help those who are trying to get started with podcasting by hanging out your own shingle and offering your services?
  • Start a full-service podcasting company like podango.
  • Form a podcast network like PodTech and offer services as well.
  • Charge for premium content – If your content is that valuable, charge for it
  • Podcast advertising – Companies like Kiptronic will do audio ad insertions and share the revenue. They also do post read (listen) ads.
  • Solicit donations from listeners – PayPal has an app you can put on your site that will allow folks to leave you a tip (think tipjar).
  • Score valuable schwag – Barter with companies for things you need to keep your podcast series going.
  • Employ a sponsorship model – An example here is MommyCast, which keeps its product recommendations really relevant to its audience.
  • Build a huge following and sell your company – Wallstrip, which was bought by CBS, tapped into a huge audience, and it paid off.

If you are going to consider advertising in your podcasts, think about your listeners first. I suggest you start the show first, and then run the ad, so listeners are not lost the second they tune in. And think about listeners on an iPod shuffle. If all they hear at the very beginning of your podcast is the same ad, they will be disoriented, they won’t support your advertiser and they may even opt out of your podcast series.

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