Matt Lohman of KnowledgeStorm discusses Web 2.0 Tools on a podcast

As director of business development for KnowledgeStorm, Matt Lohman identifies new channels for marketing and helps clients leverage those channels. Which is why Web 2.0 makes a great addition to KnowledgeStorm’s existing toolbox for B2B marketers.

I had a chance to interview Matt along with Robert Lesser, president of Direct Impact Marketing. Robert and I wanted to better understand what B2B marketers are asking for and how our survey of Web 2.0 tools stacks up as a resource. Enjoy …

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About Matt

Matt is director of business development at KnowledgeStorm, Inc. He is responsible for KnowledgeStorm’s content licensing and partnership deals, new sales channel development, and market research efforts. His specialties are online content partnerships within B2B business and IT media, sales channel development, and market research. Matt recently has focused on creating thought leadership that explores topics relating to online content and emerging media such as podcasts and blogs.

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