Measuring Effects of Social Networks

Adidas agency Carat Fusion knew Adidas Soccer was popular: Its year-old MySpace profile has 80,000 friends who downloaded wallpaper and adopted the persona of one of the company’s shoe styles.

What the agency didn’t know was whether that popularity translated into real value. But thanks to a new study it conducted, the agency now knows that the consumer-powered campaign increased purchase intent 78%, brand image 71%, and likelihood to recommend 57%!

Web 1.0 was the ultimate in one-way communication. Publish your web page and wait for the business to just roll in.

Web 2.0 is the start of two-way communication where content is king and the frequency and quality of that content rules. But I believe Web 2.0 actually is taking us to a place where conversations are king, and the stories contained in those conversations will speak volumes.

Just as Sean O’Driscoll of Microsoft said in my podcast interview with him that he “knows the content of every Web page out there – it tells me that a Nikon camera is great, reliable, etc. – so why would I even go there? But what I need it to tell me is how the user feels about using it.” This is the world Amazon started where user reviews and customer feedback will separate the best from the rest.

What’s going on here? I believe the brands that will win are the ones whose consumers tell the best stories, rather than the ones who tell their consumers the best stories. It’s a subtle difference but an important one. Think about it.

For more on good consumer stories read: Made to Stick: Why some ideas survive and others die (I just read it on vacation and couldn’t put it down!)

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