Mobile ads are coming – so where’s the Buzz?

Just about everyone expects mobile ads to be the next wave of advertising innovation. So let’s see if we can uncover some Buzz around this new selling medium.

Advertisers are undoubtedly eyeing the new, mobile channel. In a MarketingSherpa survey of ad-tech cognoscenti earlier this year, mobile advertising tied with video for the top spot on a list of tactics advertisers would like to experiment with if they had an extra $100,000 to spend.

Mobile and video both garnered 9.6% of the tally. That’s ahead of RSS, blogs and podcasting, which were third, fourth and fifth respectively on advertisers’ wish lists of experimental tactics. Ok. But how do you harness this new channel?

Some ad agencies are starting their own ventures around mobile advertising. And new companies continue to populate the mobile landscape.

For something buzz worthy — Check out Mozes Inc, which is offering a text advertising service it hopes will take off in several BtoC ways but one of B2B ways is the conference and exhibition industry. Instead of stuffing product or service brochures in their tchotchke bag, meeting attendees could text a keyword to Mozes, and the message triggers a unique URL with additional details about the product.

Could this make “Hey, let me scan your badge” at the tradeshow obsolete? Sure, but I think there is more to Mozes than just that … See if you agree.

4 comments to Mobile ads are coming – so where’s the Buzz?

  • Joan Damico

    Hi Paul,
    Does this mean we’ll soon have a “Do not text” registry?

  • Paul Dunay

    I can see it now Joan
    – Do Not Call list
    – Do Not Email list
    – Do Not Text list

    will the fun never end!


  • Jim Nail

    I wouldn’t worry. I’ve been a skeptic about mobile advertising for the past 5 years and I have yet to see a reason to change my mind. I think the most we’ll ever see if in-roll ads in video — if mobile video every goes anywhere. (Jim Nail, CMO Cymfony, former Forrester analyst)

  • Paul Dunay

    Thanks Jim – It will be interesting to see how mobile becomes institutionalized over the next few years

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