My Blog got me a New Job and a Book Deal!

I realize you can’t pick up a paper or listen to the news without hearing about more job losses and for those that are affected by the economic situation my thoughts and prayers are with you all. And so I’d like to focus on describing how my blog has helped me move on to the next stage in my career. And hopefully help you in the process.

Bottom line over the last 3 years my blog has helped me build a strong personal brand as I worked hard in my off hours for my blog become: Voted #2 on the Junta 42 list, Voted a Top Blog to Watch in 2008 and 2009, listed on the Top 20 Marketing Blogs as well as on the AdAge 150 with over 1800 Twitter followers, 1900 RSS readers and 6500 email subscribers!

Besides all those great things, I also got things I hadn’t bargained for like having less time for the family, adding to my existing A.D.D., and a general tendency to speak in 140 character phrases! However, I did get a lot of speaking opportunities, PR opportunities, book comment opportunities, even books people would mail to me unsolicited (aka Schwag!)

But I am proud to announce I got a book deal of my own! Wiley contacted me about becoming an author and after some back and forth on the title of the book we settled on Facebook Marketing for Dummies (due out in the fall). I recruited long time college friend Rich Krueger (who reconnected with me on Facebook!) to help with the writing since he is the CEO of AboutFaceDigital the world’s first Facebook only marketing firm. Seemed like a good one two punch!

As I look back over all the jobs I have had since graduating and realized that every job I got has come to me through my network! Having a strong personal network is truly gold in this economic climate and there is one quote that has always stuck in my head after reading Keith Ferrazzi’s book Never Eat Alone (which if you haven’t read you really should) he said “ be sure to build the network before you need it” and man was he ever right.

So also effective at 5pm today, I will be leaving BearingPoint after 5 1/2 years and entering Avaya as their Global Managing Director of Services Marketing.

But I must say my time at BearingPoint was filled with interactions with some of the most amazingly intelligent people. Any list I could possibly write would undoubtedly miss someone important so I won’t even try. And my teams were chock full of incredible people like Diana Butler my first hire at BearingPoint and long time colleague, we have been through lots of ups and downs but she was always there to pull me through. Beth Luty hired as my #2 in Financial Services, a year and half later, she gets to take it over and run it for herself, what a success story! Then there is Design genius Steve Nitz with Creative maven Sylvia DeMartino and her team, Sandra Tansky who helped me when I first started at BearingPoint with my extremely long list of Interactive needs – now she runs the group! Peter Hahn and Christian Small – two of the best interactive marketers I have ever met and of course Robin Eggen who somehow just made everything we could think of work – I am always honored to be in your presence! Sarah Beckley, JenHope Belis and Jeanette Leong my hardworking and faithful events team. Patty Brown and her stable of amazing writing talent. I will miss you all but I am sure you will go on to do things that make me and everyone at BearingPoint proud!

Speaking of which, together we had quite a run at BearingPoint one that for sure is envy of most marketers. With a combination of strong marketing leaders and the support of the line of business heads that we did several award winning things that pushed the envelope on Demand Generation.

  • Most recently we won the 2008 DemandGen Top 10 for Utilizing Marketing Automation to fuel Demand for our work in automating lead nurturing
  • We were also the first consulting company to do 3rd party user research using Facebook asking end consumers how to make their banking experience better
  • We were the 2006 Finalist for the Driving New Demand award from the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) for a campaign called Google Enterprise Search which we launched and got 127 articles written in the first week, cover story of CIO Magazine and plenty of leads for our sales team
  • In 2005 we were the first consulting company to post a podcast to iTunes, one week ahead of IBM
  • We were the 2005 Gold winner of the Driving New Demand award from the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) for a campaign called VoIP – where we used an interactive flash survey to rank answers to questions and then drove the hottest leads to an ROI calculator
  • And finally I won the BearingPoint’s Best Overall Marketing Campaign award in 2004 – for a campaign called Data Convergence which took me 4 months to prepare for, cost me less than $40,000 and was so successful we showed a strong ROI within the first 6 months

I could write a case study on each of these campaigns. I thank BearingPoint for the opportunity to do some of these incredible things and wish them only the best for the future!

18 comments to My Blog got me a New Job and a Book Deal!

  • Anonymous


  • Greg Verdino

    Great news all around Paul. Congratulations on the new gig and the book deal. We definitely need to find time to get together and catch up.


  • Eileen Perrin

    Congrats!! We’ll miss you at BearingPoint but we’re excited about your prospects. As you are knee deep in your book, I hope your blog continues.

  • Mukund Mohan

    I am truly happy for you Paul. If you remember we also met because of your blogging. Well, that and the fact that we both know the same 10 folks 🙂

    Great news and congratulations.

  • Jason Coles

    Many congratulations Paul! Your hard work and dedication has paid off and it sounds like you truly deserve this opportunity. Congrats also on your new job, it sounds like an exciting endeavor.

    Regarding the economy and negative news etc., I have made a point of not watching the news and reading newspapers anymore, it is way too depressing. At most I watch a small amount of the very local news and weather, and that’s about it. Once you start getting suckered in to CNN and watching/reading one story after another you end up on a very discouraging slippery slope that you can’t seem to get off of!

    Jason D. Coles
    3 Dogs Marketing

  • Jeff Ogden

    I could not be more thrilled for you, Paul. When one door closes, another opens. It put a big smile on my face to read this post. Best of luck (not that you’ll need it) at Avaya.

  • Chrismingryan

    That’s so cool, Paul! Congratulations. You’ve also inspired a heck of lot of people in those three years. I am looking forward to more inspiration.

    All the best,


  • Chad H

    Congrats Paul and good luck with the book!
    PS – I really like your idea to share your shared Google reader items on the sidebar of your blog

  • gregfromparis

    Congrats !

  • Richard Krueger

    Paul, it’s nice to see nice people doing well. Best of luck in your new endeavors. In regards to your book, get writing, cause I hear your partner is way ahead of you! Looking forward to many great things from you!

  • Robert

    Congratulations !!
    All the best,
    Robert Schwartz

  • Cece Salomon-Lee

    Congratulations Paul! I’m so happy for you and look forward to hearing about what you’ll be doing for Avaya, as well as reading the book!

  • Tracey

    Congrats, Paul! After reading your blog for some time, I feel like I know you. I look forward to all the new posts this move will undoubtedly inspire.

  • Brian Carroll


    Congrats! I look forward to your book and wish you success!

    Brian Carroll

  • ericadman

    Hooray Paul, you deserve this! Hard work and preserverence pay off. Hope to talk soon. Eric Hyman

  • Anonymous

    Belated (but no less heartfelt) congrats on your new role at Avaya, Paul, and on your forthcoming book. Best, Cinny

  • David Diaz from Deloitte in Mexico

    Dear Paul:
    Hope you have a great time at your new job. I have to say that I am really a follower of what you do and your marketing cutting-edge ideas. I for sure will wait for the book.
    Thanks making the B2B Marketing Segment speak up.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ David Diaz – thanks so much for reaching out and the kind words – I promise to keep delivering for you!

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