PR's role in new media, a podcast with Cece Salomon-Lee

PR professionals have been on the front end of all media relationships for a very long time. But the advent of new media poses some challenges for even the best PR professional.

To get some advice on how PR pros should handle new media, I conducted an interview with Cece Salomon-Lee. She runs her own blog called PR Meets Marketing, where she discusses how marketing is changing the way she practices PR.

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About Cece

After nearly 12 years with high-technology public relations agencies, Cece Salomon-Lee took her first in-house PR position in early 2006. In addition to managing public relations and media programs, Cece provides corporate messages and strategy in her current position as marcom manager with ON24, Inc. In her spare time, she shares her experiences on her PR Meets Marketing blog.

Please note: her comments on this site are her own and don’t necessarily represent ON24’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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