Search vs. Social Media, a podcast with Adam Lavelle

Search engine marketing has become a mainstay of any marketing department and a must-have in any integrated marketing plan. But did you ever wonder what all the new social media is going to mean for the search engine marketing industry? Good, then this podcast is for you!

I conducted an interview with Adam Lavelle, Chief Strategy Officer of iCrossing, a search media company that is answering these questions and more. Listening to Adam will give you a taste of just how Google will become a “reputation management” system and how you need to be prepared.

About Adam

Lavelle oversees all client-related strategic services for iCrossing. He focuses primarily on leveraging the company’s search and consumer insights to develop marketing solutions to client challenges. Lavelle has more than 11 years of interactive expertise helping clients succeed online. He began his digital career at The Internet Group in 1994 when Mosaic was the browser of choice, where he led the first launch of Lavelle has a B.A. in Classical Studies and Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh.

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