Social Media Success Story podcast with Maggie Fox - Yamaha Motor

I met Maggie Fox through Social Media Today, a collective we belong to. She offered to do a Social Media Success Story podcast with me, so I hope this is one of many such stories to come!

Maggie is working on a phased social media strategy for Yamaha Motor. She just completed a detailed analysis of Phase I, including what her company, Social Media Group, calls “engagement metrics.” (The engagement metrics for Yamaha Motor are double those of the “most popular” community in the same space). In this podcast, Maggie discusses this work and provides a really cool anecdote about how Yamaha Motor successfully connected with an influencer who’s active in a competitor’s community. Enjoy …

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About Maggie

Maggie Fox, a communications and content expert who has never met a medium she didn’t like, is the founder of Social Media Group, Canada’s first agency devoted exclusively to helping business navigate the world of Web 2.0.

Over the course of her career, Maggie has marketed, written and produced television and website content for companies like CHUM Limited, the Global Television Network, Do it Best, Deloitte, Sears and Disney. A longtime blogger (and dot-bomb survivor), she’s currently putting her unique experience to work for firms that want to engage their internal and external audiences through social media.

Please visit Maggie at for more info or join in the conversation on Social Media Today at

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