Time to Replace your Online News Room with Facebook!

Back in October of 2007 at a MarketingProfs conference I remember listening to a panel on how someone used a blog as their online news room.

The panel was run by David Armano and featured Todd Andrilik the director of marketing and PR, for Leopardo Construction, who was using WordPress as a online news room.

It was one of those marketing ideas that I walked away from it thinking – Damn I wish I thought of that! (shout out to Andy Sernovitz who runs a blog by that name – http://www.damniwish.com/).

Many services started to pop up after that to create and host a social media news room for companies. But recently after writing Facebook Marketing for Dummies (due out in September by Wiley) it occurred to me why would I ever pay for that if I can create the same thing on Facebook for FREE!

Think about it. You can set up a Facebook Page for your business, use the Notes feature to upload all your press releases from your site automatically from your RSS feed (see chapter 5 of Facebook Marketing for Dummies), add a bookmarking service like Del.icio.us as an application or widget, add photos or import photos using the Flickr application and add Videos or import them via the YouTube application. And BINGO you have the same thing just using your existing social media presences and wiring them together and it’s free!

But best of all you take your news room from being an island on your own website or worse hosted on someone else’s website like on WordPress and move it to a place like Facebook where millions of people can interact, comment and discuss the news if they chose to do so.

6 comments to Time to Replace your Online News Room with Facebook!

  • Elaine

    This is an excellent tip for those who have established a presence on a popular social media site. A quick way to upload your latest post is to use the Share button. You can add a brief explanation to your latest blog post or comment so that your friends won't be misled by a "tricky" headline. You'll want to save the "good stuff" for your profile.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Elaine – its a good point using the Share button in the What's on your mind is a quick and easy way to get a blog post uploaded to Facebook

  • Elizabeth

    I have heard though that content "in" Facebook isn't Google searchable, which would be a major downside to choosing Facebook over a online newsroom.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Elizabeth – all Facebook Pages (company pages not personal profile type pages) are searchable

  • Tracey

    Would you recommend having the duplicate PR content also on the website? I would think that having the content on your site would increase your SEO because it tends to be rich with keywords and relevant links.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Tracey – I would say 100% yes – you want the SEO on your site and you want the content on Facebook too

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