What’s a Twintern anyway?

What’s a Twintern anyway?

Sitting around the dinner table a fellow marketer the other day I heard this term I never heard before … a Twintern.

Sure you probably heard of a Marketing Intern before … you know someone from a local college looking to learn a bit over the summer, maybe get their foot in the door of a multi billion dollar firm and who might make them an offer when they graduate.

I was shocked to learn that this company actually hired one of these Marketing Interns just to “Do Twitter for us” into a role they dubbed a “Twintern”

OMG I almost fell off my chair!

When did it become ok to just give anyone off the street the keys to one of the most important assets you have … your Brand! I remember the days when we used to have very senior executive who were really well versed in the company and highly compensated for their ability to communicate – we called them the Corporate Spokesperson!

When did it become ok to fire the Corporate Spokesperson and replace them with a Twintern? Holy Cow we must be in times of irrational exuberance with Social Media if that’s the case.

I basically went off about how companies like Nestle are the poster child for the case study on why you shouldn’t hire a Twintern just to “do twitter” (or in their case do Facebook). Kids don’t even like Twitter they much prefer Facebook, Twitter seems to be an older phenomenon. And I am not convinced that someone fresh out of college is able to handle a multi billion dollar brand. Go ahead call me old fashioned – I dare you!

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