Where is Social Media heading, a podcast with Chad Stoller

One of the new media firms on the leading edge of innovation these days is Organic. Founded back in 1993, it is, in fact, the first dedicated digital communications agency.

I conducted an interview with Chad Stoller, Organic’s Executive Director of Emerging Platforms, to discuss the direction of social media as seen through his eyes and the eyes of his clients. I was curious about what B2B and B2C clients are asking him for as a clue to what we should all be thinking about.

Chad Stoller leads Organic’s strategy for new communication. Chad co-founded Surge Interactive and led interactive brand strategies for Universal Music Group, Tommy Hilfiger, Progressive Auto Insurance, Clear Channel, Rockport, Cuervo, and Playboy.com. Chad has also developed a series of award-winning programs, including the Cannes Gold Lion award-winning “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker” for Reebok and Jeep Evo 4×4 for DaimlerChrysler.

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